Outdoor Tablecloth - Retro Flower Power in Seafoam Green LITOCLOTH

$79.00 USD
Color: Seafoam Green



Our Outdoor tablecloths come with:

  • One LITOCLOTH outdoor tablecloth that measures 104 inches long x 47 inches wide (rectangular tablecloth).  
  • Two adjustable tablecloth straps for securing your outdoor tablecloth's fabric to any picnic table regardless of the table shape or tabletop thickness to keep it in place no matter how windy it is outside.
  • A LITO bag that also serves as a backpack to keep your straps and outdoor tablecloths stored inside.

Why buy a LITO outdoor tablecloth?

  • We independently evaluate our outdoor tablecloths for years and believe they're the best durable outdoor tablecloths available.
  • We only carry high quality, long lasting outdoor tablecloths that are suited for picnics, camping, outdoor gatherings and more.
  • We believe in buying outdoor tablecloths that you don't have to throw away after a few uses.
  • Durable material, stain resistant & reusable outdoor tablecloths.
  • Stylish fabrics, colorful patterns & high quality materials - the perfect accessory for outdoor dining.
  • Keep your picnic tables clean during summer gatherings or outdoor events.
  • Waterproof outdoor tablecloths material beautifies any space for dining in style.
  • Our stylish tablecloths are made of all-season weather resistant materials.
  • Chic style & lightweight cover - more than a dozen color options.
  • Our table covers won't blow away in the wind.
  • If you want additional elastic bands (they work better than tablecloth clips), they are sold separately. 
  • Not cheap plastic tablecloths - these are oilcloth outdoor tablecloths.
  • Beautify your outdoor dining experience.

Product Info

  • Each outdoor tablecloth comes with a drawstring bag and two straps to fasten outdoor tablecloths to the table in case of heavy weather.
  • Waterproof, durable oil cloth fabric.

Return and Refund Policy

10 day return policy for a full refund or return of our outdoor tablecloths. Please email customerservice@litoluxury.com

Outdoor Tablecloth Dimensions

Our outdoor tablecloths measure 47" width x 104" length.

Designed to last for years - our stylish outdoor tablecloths will brighten up any outdoor campsite, picnic or patio. Waterproof and sturdy, wipe our outdoor tablecloths with warm soapy water for deep cleaning.

One Size Fits All Tables!! Our outdoor tablecloths do not have an umbrella hole but a hole can be special ordered by emailing customerservice@litoluxury.com.

We traveled the country to measure tables in tons of campgrounds to make sure that our outdoor tablecloths would fit any rectangular table you encounter inside the national and state parks on a picnic or at a campground.

Outdoor tablecloths are used to cover tables outside, on a patio or in a campsite, park or backyard. They provide protection from the elements, including sun, wind, and rain. Outdoor tablecloths come in various sizes and materials to fit different types of tables and environments. But our tablecloths are oilcloth tablecloths that last for years.

Experts recommend choosing a durable material that is easy to clean and can withstand outdoor conditions. Using an outdoor tablecloth is as simple as placing it over the table before setting up for an outdoor meal or gathering, and in windy conditions, using the two included tablecloth straps to hold the tablecloth in place. They are wide outdoor tablecloths with outstanding durability designed to fit the rectangular, square or round shape of the table.

The picnic tablecloth comes with two straps that will secure the material on any picnic table, wood table or cement table regardless of the length or thickness of the table to keep it in place no matter how windy it is outside.

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