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Article: LITO’s Tips For Making Rv Camping Easy

Brighten up your campsite with a LITOCLOTH and outdoor lights

LITO’s Tips For Making Rv Camping Easy

With a little organization, your camping trip will be more relaxing and fun


Pre-organize, Pre-pack, Don't forget the little luxuries

  • KEEP YOUR RV PRE-PACKED: Having the RV with its own set of drinkware, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, coffee mugs, flatware, and napkins and wipeable tablecloths makes life easier! And keep extra cleaning products, paper towels, and toilet paper in your RV so you don’t have to re-pack every time you want to get out of town. We also keep separate sets of sheets, bath towels, beach towels, tablecloths and kitchen towels in the RV at all times.

  • PRE-PLAN YOUR MEALS: Planning takes a little bit of time but it reduces stress when you are out in nature. This way, you know exactly what food you are going to prepare and what ingredients you are going to need. If possible, pre-chop ingredients like onions or herbs and put them in a ziplock or container to store for later. We love to make homemade guacamole on all of our roadtrips.

  • GIVE EVERYONE A DRAWER: If you have a closet that doesn’t have shelving, we suggest buying a shelving unit that will allow each family member to have their own clothing section for each trip. It’s nice because everyone already knows how much space they have to utilize when packing. Keep a separate hanging space for jackets & fleece tops.

  • CREATE A SHOE SPOT: Designate a shoe closet. Bottom line, shoes are dirty. Find a spot where everyone can shove their shoes out of the way and behind a cabinet door. It keeps the RV neat and clutter free.

  • LIGHT UP YOUR SITE: Keep a box full of battery, solar powered or electric lights - it’s always fun to decorate your campsite, especially when camping with kids. It also makes the campsite easy to find at night.

  • STOCK EXTRA SUPPLIES: Keep extra batteries, trash bags, scrubbies, RV toilet paper, and RV black tank supplies packed at all times.

  • LUXURIES: Don't forget to pack your favorite foods (dark chocolate anyone?), nice camping drinkware like our LITO wine tumblers and soft towels & sheets. Traveling in comfort makes glamping supplies a must!

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