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Create your own glamping package for an unforgettable campsite or backyard patio. 

Note: Solar fairy lights are on back order and will arrive in a separate package in January. 

  • Your favorite LITO tablecloth
  • Two wine tumblers, colors of your choice
  • Up to 6 all natural soy wax essential oil camping candles
  • Up to 6 waterproof solar mason jar lights. 

 The more items your buy, the more you save.

Why buy a LITO glamping package? 

  • Cover up the dirt on any outdoor picnic table 
  • Keep your space clean with a wipeable surface
  • Add magic to your campsite at night with solar fairy lights 
  • Add ambience and keep the mosquitos away with the all natural soy wax essential oil candles 
  • Quality that lasts for years! 

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