LITOCLOTH South African Zebra Outdoor Tablecloth

$79.00 USD


Designed to last for years - this stylish and elegant outdoor tablecloth will brighten up any outdoor campsite or patio.  Waterproof and sturdy, wipe with warm soapy water for deep cleaning.

One Size Fits All!

We traveled the country and measured to make sure that our outdoor tablecloths would fit any rectangular table you will encounter inside the national and state parks.  

Why buy a LITO outdoor tablecloth? 

  • We've tested them for years
  • We only carry high quality, long lasting products
  • We believe in buying something once that you don't have to throw away after a few uses
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Keeps your table clean 
  • Waterproof
  • Won't blow away in the wind

Each outdoor tablecloth comes with: 

  • One LITOCLOTH 104" long x 47" wide outdoor tablecloth
  • Two adjustable straps for securing your outdoor tablecloth to any sized table regardless of the length or thickness to keep it in place no matter how windy it is outside. 
  • A LITO bag that also serves as a backpack to keep your straps and outdoor tablecloth stored inside.


Dimensions: 47" x 104"

Product Info

  • Each outdoor tablecloth comes with a drawstring bag and two straps to fasten the outdoor tablecloth to the table
  • Waterproof, durable oil cloth material

Return and Refund Policy

10 day return policy for a full refund or exhange. Please email customer service at


47" width x 104" length

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